The Measure Of Intelligence Is The Ability To Change

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The brain is described as the most powerful thing on the planet - not

bombs, missiles or other weaponry but the human brain. But its

mysteries have not been completely unravelled. In layman terms, the

power of our brain is known as intelligence.

So, what is intelligence? The concept of intelligence has been

understood by psychologists in different ways. If you go by the internet

you will find thousands of different kinds of definitions. However, the

simplest way to put it is the ability to understand, learn and think. People

usually misinterpret this term and think of great scientists like Alessandro

Volta and James Watt but the fact is intelligence could be related to any

field. You could be intelligent in music or some other person might be

intelligent in the field of sports. Hence, the concept of intelligence should

never be visualised in singular terms and so the change in perspective

from which our society sees it , i.e., grades and academics, is the need

of the hour.

Who is intelligent? You must have heard people around you saying that

humans are the most intelligent as compared to other living creatures.

The most important reason behind such a claim is that humans have

transformed themselves and adapted to the changes happening around

them over the years. Moreover, they have even used their intelligence to

make their lives’ easier. Now, it can be said that one‘s ability to change is

determined by his or her intelligence level because behind every

successful invention making the life of humanity comfortable, there have

been hundreds of failed attempts. In such situations it was the

intelligence level of those great people who found new ways to make

their invention a success.

As the great Albert Einstein remarked, “The measure of intelligence is

the ability to change,” it is evident that a person who is more capable of

changing and adapting to new environment soon is considered more

intelligent. Change is the only thing constant and it is true in the sense

that your life brings many challenges because it wants you to learn

something and it tests how you could use your intelligence to change

your path and find a solution to your problem. So the next time life

demands change, be intelligent enough to overcome it. Each day you

think something new, use it to make your life better and even this world a

better place.

It is important to realize that the world is changing every moment. What

you are right now is not what you were last month, last week, or even a

minute ago. In this changing world, the measure of an intelligent society

is its ability to change. We have seen periods of history when society

made the change very ineffectively and a huge price was paid for it.

We can never be certain that we are in midst of a time in history when

the effectiveness of our navigation of changing waters can lead us into

sunny and great pastures, or into a period of prolonged darkness. But

whether the change is required of one person, one family, one business,

one community or one nation, the measure of intelligence is the ability to

change. Make no mistake about it and remember what the world sees as

the end of a caterpillar, an intelligent person will call it a new life - a


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